Foundation and Framing Construction Phase Inspections


Owner/ Inspector: Aaron Weaver

Servicing: Austin, Georgetown, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Cedar Park, Leander, Spicewood, Lakeway, Buda, Kyle, Dripping Springs and all other surrounding areas.

What kind of Inspector am I?

Building Code Professionals, LLC (BCP) was created to fill a gap in the Home Inspection Industry. In Texas, the Texas Real Estate Commission's (TREC) Professional Home Inspector License, is required to perform home inspections. It is not designed for "new home" construction or code compliance. It's purpose is for real estate transactions, completed homes, or the "used home" buyer. BCP is certified, educated, and experienced in identifying foundation and framing issues in new home construction building(s).  For Foundation Pre-Pour Inspections, we examine foundation penetration, reinforcement installation, and concrete coverage.  For Structural Framing Inspections (pre-drywall),  we assess requirements such as rafter spans, boring/notching of studs/joists, egress, fire-blocking, safety glazing, and other building code life, fire, and safety issues. These items can affect the quality, stability, and longevity of your new home, and the safety of your family; all of which should be protected.


My name is Aaron Weaver and as the owner/ inspector of Building Code Professionals I do not offer TREC inspections. 

I offer New Construction Pre-Pour Foundation and Pre-Drywall Consulting Services. I do not perform Final Inspections or Real Estate Inspections. My services are only applicable to projects currently in construction or not complete.

I am certified by the Post Tensioning Institute (PTI) as a Level One Installer (#01297839)

I am certified by the International Code Council (ICC) as a Residential Combination Inspector (#8006170)

I possess a TREC Professional Inspector License (#10225) which is not applicable to the type of services I offer. I still continue with my continuing education but am not offering any inspection or consulting services that fall under the Texas Real Estate Commision Rules, Guidelines, or SOP's.

A little more about my experience:

Over fifteen years ago, I started my career working in engineering companies that design foundations and frames for Central Texas Production/Custom Home Builders. I gained knowledge and experience evaluating soil reports; performing pre-pour, post-tension cable, and framing inspections; understanding design intent and structural loading; and identifying and mediating warranty issues.

I have worked very extensively with home builders, designers, contractors, and engineers. I can help simplify the home building process and give an unbiased opinion to any of your concerns.

I am also available for consultation services during your building process.

Sample Report Links

Sample Report 3rd Party Pre-Pour Foundation Inspection

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Sample Report 3rd Party Pre-Drywall Framing Inspection

Pre-Drywall Frame Report Example Click Here

Prices and Services

The "starting price" list below is for a 1700 sq ft. one story home within walking distance of my current location. If your builder is willing to leave a copy of the plans for my use during the inspection, that is ideal. Some builders have a policy against this. If the builder is unwilling- please provide me a PDF of your floor plan (generally included in your options page). My pre-drywall framing inspection is mostly focused on the building structure. I will look at a few items related to the MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) but generally these are not in use and/ or not complete and will be thoroughly inspected at the "final" phase inspection.

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